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Cloud and DevOps

Cloud development and DevOps are intrinsically joined, speeding delivery, and meeting business needs from just about every standpoint. 

Our process yields a measurable cost-reduction for cloud development, testing, and deployment than would be possible otherwise. Cloud-based resources, in general, help to lower costs as they track resource usage, which can then be adjusted if needed. 


Cloud Strategy and Migration

A strategic plan is essential to a successful cloud migration. It’s a process that requires an individualized approach, the success of which hinges on several key factors. Depending on the complexity of your environment and whether applications need to be rebuilt, the process can be quite complex. We take a systematic approach to ensure data integrity during the migration, minimizing downtime and helping you achieve value faster. 



Containerization is an alternative to virtualization. It’s a way to package your software and all its associated libraries and dependencies so that it runs predictably on any infrastructure. As part of the development process, containerization speeds time-to-result and reduces the incidence of bugs and errors. Essentially, it separates the code from the operating system, making your systems and applications platform-agnostic. 

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as code (IaC), also known as software-defined infrastructure, is a critical DevOps strategy we leverage as a way to ensure consistency in deployment environments. Inconsistency in the deployment environment contributes to errors, delaying time-to-result and, ultimately, driving costs higher. Some of the IaC framework benefits include automated provisioning, consistency, and seamless alignment with DevOps. 


End-to-End DevOps Implementation

DevOps aligns development and operations, making it easier for organizations to satisfy the need for new technology-driven capabilities. In applying this methodology, we help our clients achieve measurable business value faster and more reliably through the deployment of agile applications. 

CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery)

We leverage CI/CD practices to optimize and validate code changes during development. Continuous testing is enabled, reducing errors and resulting in a more cost-effective process. 


Agile Deployment

Deploying new software is fraught with many potential complications. Agile deployment reduces the inherent complexities, applying continuous integration, continuous delivery, and automation, enabling more reliable and predictable results. 

Tools and Platforms

We prioritize tools and platforms that enable business agility, interoperability, and scalability.

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform

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