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Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Providing Support services to Retailers

We are a full-service, omnichannel firm specializing in  innovative solutions for retailer and brand manufacturers.

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Why choose us?

In today’s uber-competitive business landscape, customer experience is the only way to differentiate your company from all the rest.


SFCC Certified Professionals 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the leading platform in the market, and therefore is seeing unprecedented demand on resources. ChangeCX has seasoned, certified SFCC resources ready to support your implementation.


Flexible Teams for New Features and Integrations

E-Commerce is a highly competitive business channel. Constant adaptations are needed to stay ahead, so ChangeCX is also ready to flex in temporary teams to support new features & integrations critical to your businesses.


Strategic E-Commerce Business Consulting

Technical partnerships are important to keeping your business afloat, but true business partners keep you ahead. ChangeCX not only provides skilled technical resources.


We are different


SFCC Certified Professionals 

A dedicated team of certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud experts to provide support and maintenance for your SFCC implementation. Goodbye to rotating support teams.


Flexible Commitments

A flexible and affordable delivery model designed to scale up and scale down with your business demands over time. Capacity commitments are quarter by quarter.


Transparent, Best Practices Driven Delivery

A package of best practices in development operations, IT Service Management, and production support. Have a full view of requests, work in flight, and what is being delivered at any point in time.


Omnichannel Retail Expertise

A team of seasoned retail veterans who can provide expert advice and services not only in e-commerce, but across the retail technology footprint in areas such as marketing, service, order management, point of sale, ERP, and cloud operations. We’re retail experts, not just e-commerce experts.

Absolutely great support and services

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