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Staff Augmentation

Not all organizations have technical know-how in-house. 

By the same token, not every company is a candidate for fully-managed services. It all comes down to what’s right for you and the business outcomes you hope to achieve.

For project-based or short-term initiatives within companies that already have a functional IT team, staff augmentation makes good sense. You won’t have to expend the considerable resources it would take to attract, recruit, and onboard new employees, and you can access the expertise you need more precisely. In other words, staff augmentation costs you less and ensures you have the right team for the job. IT projects are completed faster, and your existing team will benefit from the experience, potentially adding new capabilities that achieve long-term value.


Staff Augmentation Checklist

Staff augmentation is right for your organization if you need:

  • A short-term solution

  • Access to specific capabilities and expertise

  • Fill the gaps during talent shortages

  • Cost flexibility

  • Scalable services

  • Fast time-to-value

  • Quality assurance

  • Accountability to the outcome

  • A simplified IT staffing solution with no long-term commitment

Simple. Cost-Effective. Results-Driven. 

Staff augmentation with ChangeCX requires minimal effort on your part.

Staff augmentation with ChangeCX requires minimal effort on your part. We work with you to define your goals, including timeline, budget, and benchmarking, to ensure a seamless engagement. 

Our services are ultimately flexible and can be scaled up or down quickly and without consequence. We prioritize communication, which means we’ll always “tell it like it is,” ensuring you know exactly how to measure the value we bring within the scope of your project. If we feel that there may be more advantageous alternatives for you outside of staff augmentation, we will not hesitate to advise you in that regard. 


Our only goal is to help you achieve yours,

and a big part of that is securing the bottom line. Reach out to schedule a conversation, and let’s talk about how staff augmentation can help. 

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