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Partnering to Prioritize Accessibility, ChangeCX and Essential Accessibility

There has been a collective shift in how companies, developers and providers approach digital accessibility. As WCAG 3.0 works toward widespread adoption, we know that there is still a long way to go. Digital accessibility is not just the right moral imperative to create an inclusive experience for users with a disability, but done right, it is about good UX for all populations. Digital accessibility should not be an added feature, rather, an organic design integration. Many companies are working to continue to bring their sites in-line with the latest accessibility standards.

ChangeCX understands that an overlay is not the answer, often complicating the user experience without fixing the root issues. We have proudly partnered with essential Accessibility (eA), a comprehensive digital accessibility-as-a-service platform. The partnership utilizes a combination of eA’s manual and automatic scans and their comprehensive audits coupled with ChangeCX’s remediation. David Biechler, Director of Practice, Salesforce Commerce Cloud in Technology ChangeCX “Our partnership with eA allows us to tap into their expertise so we can deliver an accessibility road map that continuously keeps our clients on the forefront of amazing digital experiences for all consumers to ensure no one is left behind.” We are working with our clients to bring their sites into full compliance all in the same motion of our standard Support Services, making it a seamless process for our clients.

For more information or to sign up for your free ADA Compliance Audit click here:


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